Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Flash Samsung Corby B3210 using usb..

,this is tutorial on how to flash your samsung Corby B3210...

files needed..

1.optiflash (download here)
2.Flash file (download here).
3.usb drivers (download Samsung New PC Studio from samsung website for the drivers).


1. put your phone in Download Mode (Press * + # + Power On) and connect to PC. (take note of the com port in Device Manager)
your screen should look like this..

2. Open Optiflash.
3. In Specify Hardware Platform..Choose Customer T:Nox(Intel Sibley 1024/256,USB.
4. In Code: choose the .s3 flash file.
5. In CSC: choose the .csc flash file.
6. In Flash Option: Select Code Binary and CSC Binary
7. In Com Port: choose the same com port as in the Device Manager.
8. Check "Erase all Unused Regions".
9. Click Flash.

flashing screenshot..

10. Wait till finish.

finished flashing screenshot..

this is the finished product.

credits to for the flash file and the flasher.


  1. How do I know my harware pofile? will it be the same? my CSC version is b3210ODDJA1 and CODE is b3210DDJA1...


  2. i'm unable to download flash files bcoz i have no password for 4shared

  3. thank you brother !!
    i ve done as you tutorial gived
    sorry my english

  4. what is the password i can't download..

  5. just what i was looking for. thank you

  6. what is the password i can't download.