Sunday, May 17, 2015

update/restore iphone 5 using linux (kali)

How to update/restore iPhone 5 using Linux OS.


Linux OS ( in my case Kali)

 libimobiledevice is a cross-platform software library that talks the protocols to support iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad® and Apple TV® devices. It is released under GPL.

More information can be found at

To make use of the above-mentioned library, git-clone or download the source of all the files in the repository located at , and build it from source.

syntax for restoring.

    idevicerestore -e yourIPSW.ipsw

where yourIPSW.ipsw is the latest firmware for the appropriate iDevice.

full credits to the above-mentioned site and the authors/creators of the library.

below is the video of the update/restore process.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A13 android based tablet running on Debian

The video below will show my A13 based tablet running on a Debian rootfs image that is originally created for A13 OLinuXino development board. This is the same tablet that i posted last time which runs on a minimal Debian and is now running with a pretty Desktop. The Image can be downloaded here. This tablet also runs on a bootable sd card. The instructions on how to create a bootable sd card can be found here.

credits of course to for the information and HowTo and for the Debian image.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Allwinner A13 android based tablet running on debian.

I am a mobile phone techinician by profession. Included in my line of work is to repair all kinds of mobile phones, computer and laptops, and tablets. Here in my country, the Philippines, Android chinese tablets proliferate :):). One of those is the Allwinner A13 chip based android tablet. One of the problems that these tablets are having is hanging on android logo. This problem can be solved by wiping the /data partition or resetting the tablet to factory defaults, provided that the usb debugging option is enabled. Take note that these tablets have no recovery menu unlike those other branded tablets. Also there are no two tablets that are equal even though they look physically the same. You can visit this site and look inside the forum to find out more about these tablets.

Now, there is a way to fix the problem, by flashing. These tablets can be flashed using the Livesuit software which can be downloaded here. This aforementioned site also contains instructions on how to flash the tablets. But there is a catch here, as I mentioned above there are no two tablets that are the same, no..I am just kidding, there is, but only if you keep trying and flashing the tablet with so many firmware that are available in the internet and you might just get lucky :) :). So what is the solution?.

From the above site, information regarding booting from an sd card is also provided. So if we can boot from an sd card and we can mount the /data partition, we can effectively wipe that partition by removing its contents. Sounds logically right??:) :).

So, now my journey to A13 hacking is underway. BTW, the video below will show that I was able to create a bootable sd card with minimal debian on it.

But herein lies the problem, when i try to mount /dev/nande data, it seem to took too much time. So I guess I need to do some more digging.

Btw,  I use minimal debian as my rootfs. You can wget/download it here.

I will try to do update on this one until i got it working.
Also, I will post the procedure that i did in creating a bootable sd card on my next post.

P.S. If anyone have an idea on how to go about this problem or why mount /dev/nande data is taking so much time, feel free to put a comment. Thanks.

Friday, December 21, 2012

one-click root tool launched by Baidu

Baidu launched a one-click-root tool for numerous devices.

Here's the tweet


Here's the link.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Doro Phones Unlocker

Doro Phones Unlocker

Supported Models:

Doro 345, Doro 409, Doro 410, Doro 610

credits: abdoune for the source

download here


Friday, August 31, 2012

Kingcom joypad 72 7" hang on android logo solution

This is the solution to the "hang on android logo" of a 7" chinese ipad.
The model of the chinese ipad is Kingcom joypad 72.

the chinese ipad:

the problem:

the solution:


1Gb micro SD or higher

1. First download the latest uberoid from here
2. Extract and click on CHANGER_WIN.bat (for windoze user).
3. Select option 7 as shown on the pics below.
4. Follow the succeding instructions that will copy the files to the memory card.
5. Insert the memory card to the chinese ipad (note: chinese ipad must be off).
6. Turn On the chinese ipad and wait for the installation of the necessary files to finish.

finished product:

full credits to HardcoreHacker,of forum, who is the creator of Uberoid.
for more info about chinese ipad modding and hacking just visit the above site.

hope it helps...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cherry mobile candy invalid sim solution using only cli and adb...

for reference only...

Cherry Mobile Candy invalid sim solution using CLI and adb...

1. First you must have adb installed on your PC. (on how to install adb just try and search google)
2. Enable debugging mode in your CP.
3.Connect phone to PC and install the driver. (driver can be found here.)
4. Go to command prompt.
5. Go to the installation folder of adb.
    In my case it is
    C:\Program Files(86)\Android\Android-sdk\platform-tools.
6. Type the "adb device" without quotes to check if phone is connected.
7. Type the ffg. in sequence and press Enter for each line.

adb shell
echo 'AT+EGMR=1,7,"yourIMEIhere"'>/dev/pttycmd1
echo 'AT+EGMR=1,10,"yourIMEIhere"'>/dev/pttycmd1

note: the first echo line is for the first IMEI
        the second echo line is for the second IMEI

8. below is the finished product..

,,hope this helps..